DRCC Takes Precautions To Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19

Organization is in need of more personal protective equipment.

The Duluth Regional Care Center, which is an organization that offers housing and community support for people with developmental disabilities is taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of those they serve as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

DRCC runs 50 group homes in the Arrowhead Region and also offers in-home services, which have already been scaled back.

As a precaution, everyone is being monitored for symptoms of Covid-19.

All group homes are also only allowing essential visits during the pandemic.

Staff are ensuring everyone is washing and sanitizing their hands.

They are also taking temperatures to make sure no one is running a fever.

But even with these precautions, keeping everyone safe comes with its own challenges.

“We have staff coming and going on a daily basis,” said Executive Director Tom Gillespie. “There is more coming and going than we would like because the staff is in and out, but it’s necessary for the supports that we provide and the individuals we serve that need support. It is as essential as it gets.

The DRCC is also short on personal protective equipment for their staff.
Fortunately, there has been great outreach from the community, but the organization is hoping the community can donate even more masks and gowns.

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