Hannah Johnson Fabrics Giving Out Masks to Those in Need

The local fabric store is selling mask making kits, while also giving out free masks to people who still need one.

DULUTH, Minn. – Hannah Johnson Fabrics in Duluth has a few options for people who still need masks.

People can purchase mask making kits, which includes the supplies for three masks, for six dollars. They also have people making and donating masks, that they’re giving out to places like hospitals or nursing homes. Hannah Johnson Fabrics also said they’re giving out those masks to anyone who needs one.

Since the masks are all donations, anyone who still needs one can stop by and get one for free.

“It’s amazing how many people have sent me emails and they’re going through chemo or their parents are at a high-risk, they’re contacting me asking for masks because they’re desperate, because you can’t buy them in the stores and there are places where really good people are making them and selling them but not everybody has that kind of money to go pay $10 for a mask so we’re just accessible and trying to get everyone to have a mask,” Hannah Johnson Fabrics owner Janet Anelli said.

Hannah Johnson Fabrics is closed to the public, but people can stop by and knock on the door to pick up a mask. They can also order masks kits on their website, and get it through curbside pickup.

If people have made masks that they want to donate, they can leave them in a drop-off bin outside the store.

Hannah Johnson Fabrics is located at 4511 E. Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota.

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