Northland Bikers Get Ready to Ride

DULUTH, Minn.– Duluth’s Lakewalk has been a busy place lately with more and more bikers showing up to ride.

As the weather warms up, a lot of people in the Northland are anxious to get out and ride their bikes.

Biking can be a great way for people to get around, lower stress, and get some exercise.

The Lakewalk has been filling up with people as bikers join the walkers and runners trying to get some fresh air.

“It’s spring. It is time to get outside,” said sandy Popham as she was biking home from work.

Popham is also a physician at St. Luke’s. She also likes to ride her bike to and from work. Popham says the Lakewalk is an ideal place to ride.

“It’s a great resource for people to get out and it’s big enough that you can be six feet apart and observe social distancing and biking is easy to do that. If you’re within six feet of someone you’re probably too close period,” said Popham.

With the weather warming up, Governor Walz announced last month that bike shops in the state are now considered an essential business.

Stewart’s Bike Shop in Duluth specializes in mid-range bikes for the whole family. People are still coming in to find new bikes. The shop’s service departments are also staying busy repairing bikes as people are gearing up to get out and ride again.

Steve Meyer is the owner of Stewart’s. He hopes to see big crowds biking on the roads and trails as the weather keeps warming up.

“I hope to see more people get out and get back to some form of normalcy and have them get out and get biking,” said Meyer.

Biking is a great way to enjoy being outside but maybe most importantly, it is a great way for people in the northland to socially distance and stay healthy during the pandemic.

“We know that 20 minutes a day of being outdoors does actually does lower stress levels and anything that lowers your stress levels helps with your immunity. So get outside and enjoy it,” said Popham.

Stewart’s Bike Shop also does delivery and will send a bike right to your door.

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