Tamara Moore Talks History-Making Hire with Norsemen Men’s Basketball Team

As the former Minnesota Lynx guard becomes the first female to lead a men's college basketball program, she wants to make sure she won't be the last.

VIRGINIA, Minn. – This past weekend, Mesabi Range College made history as they hired Tamara Moore to be the new head coach of their men’s basketball team. As a player, she’s a former winner of the Miss Minnesota Basketball Award, a former University of Wisconsin women’s basketball star and spent six seasons in the WNBA. She’s also experienced on the sidelines as well.

“As a senior at Minneapolis North, I was actually the freshman girls head coach. So I’ve kind of been coaching a long time. That’s always been something I’m passionate about,” Moore said.

The Wisconsin Badgers Hall of Famer has been coaching high school and semi-pro for the past decade, and even owns a semi-pro league: the Official Basketball Association.

“I think the biggest thing is making a difference in young people’s lives and being able to see what things you can experience through the game of sport. For me, that is what led me to all the experiences that I had,” said Moore.

When the high school basketball season ended, one of Moore’s players was being recruited to play volleyball at Mesabi Range College in Virginia. And it was there she found a Minneapolis North alum in head coach Sara Matuszak.

“Come to find out, Coach Sara actually worked at North in our guidance counseling office and she used to be my teacher,” Moore said.

From there, the Norsemen hired Moore, who immediately began contacting her current players, as well as recruiting more to join her program.

“They were super excited. The question never came up about my gender or me being a woman. The fact that I played in the WNBA and the fact that they went and watched YouTube videos and saw that I was really good, that’s all they care about,” said Moore.

Moore says she draws inspiration from several other coaches, including San Antonio Spurs assistant Becky Hammon and Edniesha Curry at the University of Maine, who is the only assistant men’s basketball coach in all of Division I.

“All these women I’ve either got to play against or play with who actually opened the door for me to have this opportunity to be able to take a position in college, regardless if it’s men or women. It just happens to be on the men’s side and I will do my best to not mess it up,” Moore said.

As the former Minnesota Lynx guard becomes the first female to lead a men’s college basketball program, she wants to make sure she won’t be the last.

“I want it to be something that is not a rarity anymore. It’s a norm. It’s something that’s not weird to say. I know for me it’s all about making Mesabi a good program. And if I can lead it and take it all the way to the DI level and become a DI men’s head coach, that’s the ultimate goal,” said Moore.

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