Sutherland CBD, Dr. Juice Offer Hand Sanitizer, Donate Hundreds to First Responders

The pair are are selling bottles at cost for $3, all sales going back into production.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Sutherland CBD and Dr. Juice USA, both on Tower Avenue, are now offering handmade hand sanitizer. And hundreds of bottles of their product are going to first responders in need.

“In these difficult times everybody’s got to do their part to stop the spread of this thing, to stay safe,” said Jacob Tout, CEO of Dr. Juice USA.

Tout and Sutherland, Superior City Councilor and Manager at Sutherland CBD, saw a need for hand sanitizer in their community.

“I had people contact me from a medical transport company, they emailed me, and different organizations around the city and there’s people pouring in just wanting hand sanitizer, ’cause they can’t find any,” Tout said.

So the two teamed up–Sutherland CBD with the ingredients and Dr. Juice USA with the recipe.

“We teamed up with the Wisconsin Hemp Manufacturers and Processors Association to purchase the ethanol and we got that here to them, to Dr. Juice,” said Sutherland. “And from there we have 4oz bottles of product with a label on it.”

700 bottles are now ready to go, and they’re going fast.

“The need for it is pretty great so as we get it bottled it’s running off the shelves,” Tout said.

Of the 700, the pair is donating 300 bottles total to local Police, Fire, and Sheriff Departments.

“First responders are on the front line art all times,” said Sutherland. “There’s a lot of people too in other businesses as well but Police and fire, they’re out there dealing with the public all the time.”

After the initial donation, they will see how much more they need, including filling some of the responders’ gallon jugs.

While they are selling the bottles at cost–about $3–all their sales go back into production. So they said any financial or ingredient donations are welcome. You can call, or order online for pickup. If you need a donation for your business or organization, they said to let them know.

Despite trying times for small businesses everywhere, the two felt it was their obligation to give back to the community that’s served them.

“We’re in business because the customers here have supported us in the past, maybe it’s our turn to help support them,” said Sutherland.

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