Working From Home Could Be Taking A Toll On Your Body

DULUTH, Minn. – The pandemic has caused millions of people to start working from home to help minimize the spread.

But working from home could eventually take a toll on your body.

Those working from the comfort of their home could be more likely to have back and joint pain.

It can be common for more people to be doing work at a coffee table or while sitting on the couch.
but this may not be practical .

It can create poor posture and eventually that will lead to stress and tension on your body.

“It can wear out your joints. that can lead to Osteoarthritis later in life or fatigue in muscles. This can lead to other symptoms like headaches, back, neck pain, and really a lower quality of life,” said Chiropractor and Owner of Chester Creek Chiropractic Sonny Bedogne.

The easiest way to prevent back and joint pain is to follow the 90-degree rule.

This means keeping your elbows and hips at a 90-degree angle.

Doing this will help to stack your spine appropriately to help handle the weight.

It could also be helpful to borrow a chair from your work office.

If you are unable to, find one that would allow you to fall back into.

‘It is recommended to sit at the front of a chair which will force you into good posture.

Your chair should be at a height that will allow your eyes to be level with the top of the monitor.

If you are already having pain, it could be helpful to stretch and massage your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back.

Another healthy tip would be to get up and move if you have been sitting for more than 20 minutes.

Do a few laps around the house or do some stair exercises.

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