UMD Cheer Teams Hold Virtual Tryouts

The football/competition cheer team will announce their rosters on Monday, while the hockey cheer team will start tryouts this upcoming week.

DULUTH, Minn. – This time of year was supposed to be tryout season for the UMD hockey and football cheerleading teams. But this year, both teams have now had to go virtual.

“Bree [Sherrick] and myself and a couple others from the team that will be taking leadership positions, they performed and videoed from the front and the back and we sent it out and people learned that way so it was all virtual,” UMD football/competition cheer coach Hannah Alstead said of their tryouts.

“Having a Zoom meeting on Wednesday where we go over what the team is, what the expectations are and how tryouts are going to go. And then that same day we’ll send out the tryout material, the two cheers and our school song. And then Saturday is when they’ll submit their tryout material,” UMD hockey cheer co-captain Kasey Walker said of how they were holding tryouts.

The hockey cheer team skates during pregame and during intermissions at the UMD men’s hockey games, but all ice rinks are currently closed.

“We just provided them a list of requirements that we expect and are hoping they’ll use their best judgments on whether or not they should move forward with that because they can’t get to a rink right now either,” UMD hockey cheer co-captain Maia Shepersky said of on-ice skills.

“We’ve had cheerleaders in the past who didn’t have the best skating skills and they worked really hard all season to get to a level where we needed them at and they’ve done great so we’re just hoping that any girl who may be at that stage will be up to that challenge,” UMD hockey cheer co-captain Julia Bianchini added.

While the football cheerleaders need to be able to stunt and tumble, skills that are difficult to do while at home alone.

“Cheerleading is such an in person sport and all of the things that we do, it needs to be in person with stunting with working together, so it was a hard decision to do it,” UMD football cheer captain Bree Sherrick said.

The football cheer team will announced their rosters on Monday, while the hockey cheer team will start tryouts this upcoming week. And while their upcoming seasons are still unknown, these teams are ready to cheer on the Bulldogs, whenever that might be.

“I think we’re all pretty excited about it. To look forward to it, whenever it comes, whenever we can actually be in person to have a team and games and hockey,” Shepersky said.

“We are just so ready to get going. It’s different this year, obviously. Usually when the team is announced, we do some sort of team bonding or team celebration right away, so it is a little bit different. But just looking forward to the upcoming season and hopefully all of the fun things that are ahead just keeps us motivated and keeps us going,” Sherrick said.

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