Veterinarians Help During Time of Crisis

A local vet clinic in Duluth is still hope as it is considered an essential business.

DULUTH, Minn. – A local veterinary clinic in Duluth is still open as it is considered an essential business, but it is also taking extra precautions.

Leadership from Dougherty Veterinary Clinic on East 14th Street is not doing routine annual exams at the moment.

However, the clinic is just seeing sick animals and injured animals, including emergency surgeries in order to limit the amount of oxygen and anesthesia being used.

“It’s really difficult because as you can imagine, somebody needs to hold the dog or the cat so we’re kind of in close contact here at the clinic but we’re doing the best we can,” said Kelly Powell, an associate veterinarian at the clinic.

The vet clinic is also doing a curbside service where pet owners drop off their pets at the door and vet workers pick them up.

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