COVID-19 Pandemic Could Have Big Impacts on the 2020 Presidential Election

Talk of a 'Mail-In' Election Have Been Brought Up By Many Lawmakers Including Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar

DULUTH, Minn. – Amid growing concern, many questions are surrounding how the COVID-19 pandemic could impact the 2020 Presidential election.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Trump are having to use different platforms on the campaign trail.

Much of the media attention is focused on how Mr. Trump is handling the pandemic, which in turn leaves voters to analyze how former Vice President Joe Biden reacts.

UMD Political Science Professor Dr. Cindy Rugeley says Biden will have to look toward gaining more ‘earned media’ attention with his reactions and beliefs on how the pandemic should be handled.

Rugeley says Biden will have to work harder to reach voters as many campaign rallies are canceled or postponed in the final months leading up to Tuesday, November 3.

Voters could also see significant changes in the way ballots are cast come election day.

“We may be seeing structural changes to the way the election is handled. I know there’s been a lot of discussions, Senator Klobuchar and among other leaders in Minnesota about what is called mail-in elections. They have been successful in Oregon, as well as in Washington state and California,” said Rugeley.

For mail-in elections, ballots would be sent out ahead of election day, giving voters an ‘election period’ instead of only one day to vote.

President Trump doesn’t have the authority to cancel the election, and it would also be an unlikely decision to postpone a Presidential vote.


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