Eleven-Year-Old Donates Masks and Money to Community Members

CLOQUET, Minn. – With students out of school right now, for some it can be difficult to pass the time.

“She’s always been into crafts. But she’s never really sewed so we were trying to find something to keep her busy with not being at school and dance and stuff,” Cloquet Resident, Erick Halli says.

Soon after the stay at home order hit, 11-year-old Amaija Halli borrowed a sewing machine from her friend and started stitching.

“Right now she’s doing about 12 a day,” Halli says.

All with the help of her father, Erick as her sidekick.

“I kinda help her out by cutting the fabric to size and then pinning the hems and stuff. And then she sews them,” Halli says.

From there, they donate the masks throughout the community. In turn, asking for a good will offering.

“What eleven year old kid goes around thinking about raising money for a donation. That’s just unbelievable,” B&B Market Owner, John Lind says.

With that offering came donations of money to the local B and B market.

“At first when we first donated it because the store owners weren’t there. But then they put the thing on Facebook that said it was awesome,” Cloquet Resident, Amaija Halli says.

“What she did is just a true, true community service,” Lind says.

Six-hundred and five dollars to be exact adding to the large amount of donations the market has already received for their food train.

“We’re very proud of that,” Halli says.

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