Bayside Taxi Changes Name to Red & White Taxi

The company also discussed how they are stepping up cleaning procedures while staying open during the pandemic.

DULUTH, Minn. – Red & White Taxi used to be Bayside Taxi, but recently merged the two together with Blue & White Taxi. The company still has the same cabs and same drivers, just has a different name.

Bayside had previously partnered with Blue & White, but now the merge helps make more cabs available and shortens wait times.

“We had our Blue and Whites that could do cash runs and take medical runs. Now that we merged and became Red and White instead of Bayside, our entire fleet across the board can now take medical runs,” taxi driver LaSarra Turner said.

The taxi company is still open during the pandemic and said they are stepping up cleanings after every ride. They are also asking drivers to not come to work if they feel sick.

“Even if we are extremely busy, we stop, we pull over, we wipe them down. The door handles get sprayed after everybody so that nobody has to worry,” Turner added.

Red & White Taxi said if you need a ride, call or use their app “Riide”.

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