Knowing Your Neighbors: Perk Place Coffee

Perk Place Coffee is now offering curbside pickup and delivery options to continue serving their customers.

DULUTH, Minn. – “That’s what all of this is, adapting and accepting your situation and trying to get creative and attempt to maintain the normalcy,” Perk Place Coffee manager Ria Takhar said.

After six years of business, Perk Place Coffee has had to change how they serve customers. Restaurants and coffee shops are currently not allowed inside dinning, so Perk Place has started delivery and curbside pickup.

“You pick up the phone and call and let us know what you want. They tell us what car they’re in, we see them pull up and we bring the food out and take payment if necessary. It’s been really quick and very convenient,” Takhar said.

“They started off by letting people come inside and then they switched it over to the curbside option. It’s pretty easy calling in and getting whatever you need. That way you don’t have to worry about what you’re touching inside or grabbing door handles,” customer Juan Astorga added.

Perk Place has also started taking Venmo as a payment, letting customers pay over the phone with their card or once they pull up.

“The Venmo works nicely. It’s easy for customers to just go on the app and type our name in and they can communicate with us that way, too. It’s been really nice to see the positive messages that people are leaving for us and we can write to them as well,” Takhar said.

While how they serve customers has changed, most of their menu has stayed the same.

“If anything, we’re able to bake things fresher and make things to order instead of ahead of time early in the morning. So I think it’s a nice thing to keep the menu the way it was,” Takhar added.

While customers are adapting to the change, Perk Place said they’ve been getting support from some of the other local businesses as well.

“I think it goes without saying, everyone needs to help each other. We’re there,” Christine George said.

Perk Place uses Duluth Coffee Company’s beans and with their stores currently closed, Perk Place is doing what they can to help.

“We have their beans here and want to let people know that they can get them here, as well,” Takhar said.

Perk Place Coffee said the support has been overwhelming and they hope that will continue, os they can one day full re-open their doors.

“It’s something we didn’t expect. It’s really nice to know that people are still out there and they’re wanting to shower these small businesses with love and appreciation and I didn’t expect this. We’ve been here six years now and that was the hope, and people were coming through the doors saying how can we help you,” Takhar said.

Perk Place Coffee in Kenwood Village is open 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. daily.

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