Great Outdoors: Green House of Carlton

The Green House is still offering their planter classes this year, but having less people in class to still practice social distancing.

CARLTON, Minn. – With greenhouses being considered an essential business in Minnesota, the Green House of Carlton is giving people the chance to spring into gardening.

“Gardening is better than therapy…and you get tomatoes,” owner of Green House of Carlton Jim Fahrenholz said.

With warmer weather on its way, gardening season is getting started.

“It’s just kind of a good sign of spring. Gordy’s Hi-Hat opens and we go to the Carlton Green House to plant our plant for spring and summer,” participant Jill Elwood said.

The Green House is once again offering their planter classes.

“They come in and plant what they want. We have a huge selection of plant material. We’ve got over 1100 different varieties of plant material for them to choose from so they always come in happy, they go out happy,” Fahrenholz said.

“I brought four pots along that I plan to get planted, then I get to leave them here for about three to four weeks, they grow, they’re groomed and taken care of. They’re watered and maintained. And then I can come back in mid-May and pick them up and by then hopefully the snow will be off the ground and our plants can continue to grow,” Elwood said.

While greenhouses are able to stay open, social distancing is still in use here by limiting class size and adding more times to accommodate more people.

“Ordinarily, in past years, the past 15 years we’ve been doing these classes on a large scale, we’ve had as many as 25, 26 people in a class and do them for a full week but this year is totally different. We’ve had to cancel that program and we have an option for people to come in, we limit these classes to just four,” Farenholz said.

“I was really heartbroken when I found out that the class was going to be canceled due to COVID-19 and then was really excited to hear that they were going to be offering the class, just in smaller numbers,” Elwood added.

With so much unknown in the world, the Green House owners say it’s important to still give people this class to give them something to smile about.

“It’s really what we need to do. The thing with vegetables, they really like to grow their own because they know where the product comes from and as far as the flowers, the flowers are joy. Just the colors and the varieties and so on, it really lifts people up,” Farenholz said.

The Green House of Carlton will offer more classes the remainder of this week. You can find more information on their website.

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