Myers-Wilkins Elementary Staff Puts on Parade for Students

DULUTH, Minn.– Earlier today, teachers and staff from one Duluth Elementary School got together to try and reach out to their community during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As schools will be without students for the rest of the school year, staff at Myers-Wilkins Elementary School found a way to say hi to their students.

“Just show them that we’re coming together and we’re here for them. And that we haven’t forgotten about you,” said Lindsay Kolquist, a Family Liaison for The Collaborative who drove in the parade.

Teachers and staff from the Duluth elementary school put on a parade Thursday afternoon.

The parade went through the Central Hillside, downtown Duluth, and the rest of the school’s area.

Students, parents, and other community members gave a wave to their teachers as they drove by. Staff also decorated their cars with positive messages for their students.

Distance learning has kept students away from their teachers and other staff at the school. So Myers-Wilkins decided to put on the parade as a way to show their support for students and their families during the pandemic.

“A lot of the kids came out with signs and bells ringing and it was just an overwhelming support from everybody who came out and all the teachers and staff that came together to put this on in the first place,” said Kolquist.

During the parade, the school advised everyone to follow social distancing guidelines.

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