Northland Foundation, Area Partners Raise $2 Million for COVID-19 Financial Relief

Relief Funds Will Be Used For Multiple Programs, Local Businesses in Northeastern Minnesota

DULUTH, Minn. – The Northland Foundation has been serving seven counties including five tribal nations in Northeastern Minnesota since the 1980s.

The foundation strives to economically support residents and businesses in the region, especially during financially difficult times.

“We’re doing our best to connect our businesses and our people with those resources both in our region, in the state, and with the federal government,” said Tony Sertich, president of the Northland Foundation.

In the past six weeks, they have worked with more than 20 area partners, raising two million dollars, half of which is made possible with grants, and the other half in the form of loans to local businesses.

The funds will help support food assistance, grants for domestic violence and assault as well as our region’s critical childcare providers.

“When we turn the dial up, when the economy starts improving again, we’re going to need those childcare providers available to help out families and businesses and those kiddos all across our region. We want to continue to invest in their good work and help them during this challenging time,” said Sertich.

To find out if you or your business will qualify for funding from the Northland Foundation, click here.

You can also find support from the Small Business Development Center by clicking here.

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