Silver Bay Grocery Store Offering Curbside Service to Elderly Residents

With Help From North Shore Area Partners, More Than a Dozen Silver Bay Residents Utilize the Service

SILVER BAY, Minn. – We’ve heard it before, coronavirus doesn’t discriminate.

Although no cases have been reported in Lake County thus far, residents remain cautious, practicing social distancing and limiting trips out of the home.

Many small-town residents are stepping up to alleviate stress while helping those in need.

“I spend an hour in here just talking. It takes me forever to shop,” said Sugar Goette, a resident of Finland, Minnesota.

Times are tough, but we all still need to eat.

“We couldn’t live without them,” said Goette.

In Silver Bay, hands are helping and smiles, even if covered up by face masks, are still flowing through the local grocery store.

“If anybody called here right now, Brian or anybody would do anything they could to help them out,” said Goette.

COVID-19 is changing the pace of our daily lives, uprooting a sense of normalcy in the smallest of our rural communities.

“That’s just the way we are up here in the Northland. Everybody comes together whenever anybody needs help. It doesn’t matter who you are,” said Goette.

Brian Zupancich, owner of Zup’s Food Market in Silver Bay, and his hardworking team of employees are doing what they can to continue serving their valued customers.

“People are just willing to help,” said Zupancich.

Amid concerns over COVID-19, the city’s only grocery store is offering curbside delivery service to residents who are sixty or older.

“It’s just tremendous. We’re known for coming together in times of crisis,” said Zupancich.

In collaboration with North Shore Area Partners, Zup’s now offers the service to more than 15 longtime residents in the town with a population of just over 1,700.

“We’re not in the big city, we’re not robots. We know people’s faces, their names, we watch their kids grow up from diapers to playing athletics, and go to their graduation parties,” said Zupancich.

Residents in the tight-knit town aren’t afraid of bending over backward without batting an eye.

“You’ve got to look out for your fellow man and womankind,” said Zupancich.

“The elderly need our help by stepping up and bringing stuff to their houses. Call them on the phone. Make sure they’re there and okay,” said Goette.

Aside from frequent grocery visits, others in the community have come forward, offering financial support.

“We’ve had four or five anonymous donors give a hundred dollar gift cards in increments of 10 or 25 dollars and say, you know who in town needs a little financial assistance. When they come through, please apply this to their bill for the day.”

As store shelves become more difficult to restock with consumer’s favorite go-to items, it’s important to remember this pandemic will pass, and kindness will continue to spread throughout our communities no matter the situation.

“If I need help, I know around here I can call,” said Goette.

Zupancich tells FOX 21 it has been more difficult to receive his typical orders, but the store is making due and for the most part, fully stocked.

They receive two orders per week and will continue to help out anyone in need.

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