Wisconsin Salons Now Open to Curbside Retail Business

Salons like La Pienado in Superior had 75 orders the first day it was open for curbside business.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Salons are not part of Governor Tony Evers phase one of reopening in Wisconsin, and businesses like La Peinado in Superior can now sell products to customers curbside.

“People have been without skincare, makeup, hair products for going on six weeks so they’re very happy to get their products,” said Lisa Russ, the position manager, for La Peinado salon.

On their first day of being partially back on the job, the crew at La Peinado had 75 orders from customers including one customer who was picking shampoo up for her mother.

“You just kind of get used to it and it’s given me a chance to grow out my hair and see how I like it. I also get my nails done here and that’s probably been the hardest part because I miss my manicures,” said Roni Hauser, a salon customer.

Russ empathizes with customers who are anxious to cut their own hair right now but she says it is just best to wait it out a little longer.

When the salon finally does get the green light to fully open, Russ says things will be a little different with temperature checks for customers, the use of disposable capes, and even haircutting stations six feet apart.

She says the connection with longtime customers will remain the same.

“The satisfaction of having human contact is why I’ve been doing this for 30 years so just to have a beautiful day and humans coming and seeing a smile has lit me up beyond today I’m thrilled to be here,” said Russ.

Russ also says they are using this time to sanitize everything so that the second they can open they will be there ready to get back to work.

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