Hottest Weekend to Date Brings Many Outdoors

One family celebrated the nice weather by building their own teepee on Park Point Beach.

DULUTH, Minn.- The weekend’s nice weather brought plenty of people outside, and some decided to erect a monument to the hottest weekend to date: a teepee.

A family from Iron Mountain, Michigan made the most of the warm Sunday, constructing a large teepee out of logs of driftwood on Park Point Beach.

“We figured we’d come on out here and explore a little bit and enjoy the beach,” said Dustin Hurkmans with his son, Norman. “And all of a sudden buddy of mine got a good idea to go ahead and start building a teepee, and so I joined in with him and just went from there.”

The family is just one the many of examples of people who ventured outside Sunday, and enjoying temperatures in the 60s on Saturday.

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