Knowing Your Neighbors: Farmer Doug

Farmer Doug has started selling his locally grown products, including flowers and jelly, at the end of his driveway.

PROCTOR, Minn. – With farmer’s markets needing to adapt to the pandemic, Doug “Farmer Doug” Hoffbauer has taken his products to the end of the driveway.

“We just started doing it self-serve and as you’ve seen, it’s been kind of a constant flow of people from neighbors who are walking and biking to people from around the area who come out just for the products that we have,” Farmer Doug said.

Farmer Doug is selling his locally grown products, from flowers to jelly to maple syrup and more, to those who stop by.

“Last week I stopped by a bunch of tulips just to drop off at places to brighten up their days just family and friends and stuff so I just stopped by to get more. And their candles are wonderful,” Angie Swanstrom said.

The products at the stand give customers a chance to buy something as a gift or keep for themselves as a brightener during these darker times.

“These flowers do actually brighten up everybody’s days, I noticed that from everybody’s response when I bought them all before. I dropped a couple of them off anonymously and tried to run and then they kind of caught me,” Swanstrom said.

And it gives people a safe place to get out of the house.

“They’ve cleaned their house, they’ve done all of the stuff that they can do staying at home and you get a nice day like this, they want to do something that they still think is safe and proper. And by coming out here outside, we try to keep people at a distance. We let people pick and choose what they want,” Farmer Doug said.

As Farmer Doug continues to sell his products to those who need them, they all get the chance to feel a sense of community again.

“We’re getting to meet people we haven’t met before. When we were doing six farmers markets a week, we just didn’t have time to sell out the driveway, we didn’t want to do that because we just didn’t have time to do that and just pushed it away. Now that we have a little more time, we’re enjoying the social part of selling out of the end of the driveway,” Farmer Doug said.

You can see when Farmer Doug will be out selling his products on his Facebook page. 

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