Quarry Park Creates Joke Trail

The jokes will be up in the park through Thursday.

DULUTH, Minn. – As more people are getting outside to enjoy some fresh air during the coronavirus pandemic, one park has added some extra fun to their adventure.

Quarry Park now has a joke trail featuring jokes submitted from the public. Hikes can follow the Quarry floor clockwise to read the jokes, and find the answers on the back of the signs.

The jokes give visitors the chance to enjoy a few extra laughs during these darker times.

“It’s good. the more stuff the city puts out to get people outside and entertain people, it’s good I think,” Duluth native Marcus Taintor said.

Marcus said his favorite joke was: Why is a pirate called a pirate? Because they just “arrrrgh”.

Quarry Park said the jokes will be up through Thursday.

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