Knowing Your Neighbors: Oasis Del Norte

The food struck started as family recipes that are now feeding the Northland.

DULUTH, Minn. – Oasis Del Norte has become a popular spot since its opening, bringing authentic Mexican food and culture to the area.

“We’re here to share our food with everybody,” Oasis Del Norte owner Eduardo Sandoval Luna said.

Oasis Del Norte started by serving family recipes that are now feeding the Northland.

“This is all my mom’s recipes I brought to the Northland. That’s the reason I started this, I wanted to share this with the whole Twin Ports,” Eduardo said.

The food truck works to introduce customers to authentic food and culture, something the community has grown to love.

“Through the food we share how our culture is and that’s what I extend for in my food. People are really accepting the part of the food that is so fresh and so authentic,” Eduardo said.

“I love their food. This is the best Mexican food that we have in town, it’s just worth it,” customer Carin Mizera said.

Some things about the food has changed over time.

“I created my own ground beef recipe. Obviously we don’t have walking tacos in Mexico or the nachos are not as popular so I had to create that over here,” Eduardo said.

But Eduardo tries to make the food exactly like he remembers it from his home country.

“The rest of the stuff is pretty much how I ate in Mexico,” Eduardo said.

“I’ve traveled through Mexico quite a bit and it’s the most like Mexico that I can get. It’s authentic, it’s fresh, it tastes great and it’s great price,” Mizera added.

As Oasis Del Norte continues to grow, Eduardo is glad the food he grew up with is impacting the Northland.

“I grew up with it and then I saw I wanted to share my culture with all of the people here so I brought her over,” Eduardo said.

“We have some good Mexican restaurants in town, they’re good, but I’d say this is what I’d call the best taste of Mexico that I have found here,” Mizera added.

Oasis Del Norte makes different stops throughout each week. You can check out their Facebook page for their schedule.

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