Superior Businesses Eager to Open Even with Limited Customers Allowed at One Time

Retail business owners said they were surprised when they heard the news of reopening.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Retail stores in Superior were able to open their doors to customers for the first time in nearly two months on Monday.

“It’s not exactly what we’d like to see but it’s a great start,” said Tom Unterberger, owner of the Globe News.

Retail business owners said they were surprised when they heard the news of reopening.

Unterberger said he has used the time off to organize his shop and put things out in the way he’s always wanted to display them.

“We’ve been stocking and cleaning and painting for the last two months so we’re not quite ready but we’ll make it ready,” said Unterberger.

He says he is putting up plexiglass at the register and says he doesn’t think social distancing will be hard in his store.

He also said he has missed seeing his customers.

“A business like this customer service is what we do 99% of what we do is one on one it’s essential and people rely on me to suggest things to them so it’s a great part of our business it’s not just the same curbside,” said Unterberger.

Meanwhile, Angie Kiminski of Angie’s Closet, a consignment store in Superior, is excited to get back to work.

She said curbside sales have been really busy, but nothing is like actually shopping in a store.

“People are excited to get out and shop and just support a community like they’ve been trying to do from a distance,” said Kiminski.

Her consignment clothes are laundered before they even get to her store.

Once people try them on at the store she will take special precautions to keep people safe.

“We are going to be pulling the items that people do not buy take them to the back room disinfecting them let them sit for a day or two,” said Kiminski.

Like Unterberger, Kiminski says she also cannot wait to be back with her customers.

“A lot of my customers are my friends we’ve met on the curb and they’re so excited I’m just beside myself,” said Kiminski.

Many businesses are operating on limited business hours, so owners advise checking their hours before visiting.

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