St. Louis County Projects Budget Shortfall, No Layoffs So Far

The County is also waiving late fees for property owners who apply for an extension to July.

DULUTH, Minn.- COVID-19 has dealt a financial blow to St. Louis County in the form of a projected budget shortall.

According to County Auditor Nancy Nilsen, the budget shortfall is expected to be at least $6 million.

She said her office is not looking at layoffs or furloughs, but instead plan to save money with a hiring freeze leaving about 60 positions open for now.

“Everybody has to be looking at everything we’re spending and making sure that it’s absolutely necessary,” Nilsen said. “We’re also hoping to be able to get some of this money that we’ve been spending on the COVID-19 reimbursed from the state and from the federal government. We’re doing everything we can to apply for the grants.”

Also property taxes are due Friday, but the deadline to pay is being extended until July 15th with no late fees.

To qualify, property owners need to file an application on the county’s website by the end of the month.

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