Proposed Minnesota Bonding Bill Includes Funding for Northland Projects

ST. PAUL, Minn. – A bonding bill has made it through committee in the Minnesota House of Representatives, and a lot of Northland projects are included in the proposal.

The $2.5 billion bonding bill would provide $13.5 million in funding for Duluth’s seawall restoration project.

It would also fund an $8 million renovation project at the Duluth Depot, and a new $10 million public safety center in Virginia.

Many other local projects would also get state bonding money if the bill is passed.

Rep. Liz Olson (DFL-Duluth) tells us she believes this is a great time for the state to invest in a bonding bill to help simulate the economy.

“One of the best things you can do when the economy is really tanking, and we’re seeing unemployment at these numbers that are unbelievably high, is to create a package that would make sure people are employed and employed in good paying jobs and really put surge back into our local economy,” explained Rep. Olson.

There’s no set schedule for when the House of Representatives will vote on it.

In order for a bonding bill to pass the house, it needs a three-fifths majority, meaning some Republicans would have to agree to the DFL proposal.

The bill would then move onto the Republican-controlled senate.

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