Former Greyhound Ricky Lyle Jr. Ready for New Challenges at Army West Point

Lyle will represent his school as a student-athlete but will also have the chance to represent the country as a future member of the military.

DULUTH, Minn. – After a year of junior hockey with the Madison Capitols, former Duluth East standout Ricky Lyle Jr. committed to Army West Point.

“When you’re there and trying to see yourself in the spot, it kind of had that Harry Potter feel so I was kind of in awe and I knew in my head that this is where I was going,” Lyle said.

While he gets to continue his academic and hockey careers, Lyle also has the chance to branch out and join the military, something he had never thought about doing growing up.

“I had a cousin who went to West Point and things kind of fell into place and I thought I can do this, this is something that I can do and want to do,” Lyle said.

Lyle will report to West Point in a month, but unlike many college athletes, he isn’t starting his hockey training just yet.

“The whole school as a class of freshman head in in late June and we go through what they call Beast and it’s basic training. It’s hard, it’s getting you physically and mentally ready for what the Army is about and the leadership training that you will be pursuing throughout the next four years,” Lyle said.

Lyle feels that the early mornings and long practices at East will prepare him for training, and the toughness he got from head coach Mike Randolph makes him feel ready for the transition.

“He was hard on us and it was always to push us to get better and that will definitely help with hockey but also with the military and being able to get strict orders or just getting yelled out in person for maybe doing something I didn’t do right and I’ll be able to take that and learn from that because I was with him for so long,” Lyle added.

And serving as a captain for the Greyhounds his senior season gave him a good stepping stone to becoming a stronger leader at West Point.

“In high school, it’s really your first test in being a leader and being in charge of guys. There were definitely steps throughout that entire process that you have to learn from,” Lyle said.

But for now, Lyle knows that he’s just looking forward to this next chapter of his career.

“You get to start to be the representation of our country and I’m still being able to play sports and continue my athletic career and being able to represent something bigger than myself is something that is awesome,” Lyle said.

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