Grizzly’s Going Extra Mile with New Static Clean Method

Static Clean Duluth goes into businesses and sprays down high-touch areas with an electrostatic machine.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – As businesses are now allowed to be open in Wisconsin, many are doing what they can to keep the doors open along with keeping the customers safe.

Grizzly’s in Superior is set to open on Monday for dine-in service after two months of only takeout and delivery.

The restaurant even hired a special new cleaning method on top of all the cleaning they normally do to make sure guests are comfortable during this difficult time.

Static Clean Duluth is a new company in the area.

They go into businesses and spray down high-touch areas with an electrostatic machine.

Owner Bernard McCarthy originally wanted to start Static Clean to help with his junk removal company, but once the pandemic hit he knew it could fit a larger purpose.

“The machine is pretty incredible the technology inside the machine positively charges the solution so basically when it gets sprayed on any surface it acts sort of like a magnet and completely surrounds all the surfaces,” says McCarthy.

Grizzly’s owner Rick Lampton says along with Static Clean, the restaurant has done improvements in the off-time.

He’s added hand sanitizer locations around the restaurant and even taken out tables to promote social distancing.

“We’re doing everything possible on our end to make sure your experience is not only enjoyable but safe,” said Lampton.

He says he knows there is always a risk when going out, but that life needs to resume in some way even though the virus is still out there.

“It isn’t going away you do have to get back to life you don’t have to jump in and not be safe but you do have to get back to your daily routine,” said Lampton.

He also said that he hopes to use Static Clean for the foreseeable future.

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