Denfeld Softball Team Organize Drive-By Parade for Head Coach Dick Swanson

The Hunters softball team were joined by several other members of the Denfeld community.

DULUTH, Minn. – Longtime Denfeld softball coach Dick Swanson was recently diagnosed with cancer, making the pandemic that much tougher for him to deal with. But Monday, his team, along with several local supporters, decided to pay him a special visit.

The Hunters organized a drive-by parade right outside Swanson’s house. Cars passed by honking, waving and shouting out words of encouragement to one of the longest serving members of the Denfeld community.

“It was supposed to be something for our team. Then we decided to extend it to anybody who wanted to come. It was a turnout that we didn’t expect so it was nice to see everybody here,” team co-captain Nicole McGinn said.

“We’ve reached out to some of his friends from church and around the neighborhood. He also helps with the Denfeld football team so some of them are here and the baseball team. Just like a lot of people coming together to do this and it’s really cool,” said team co-captain Stephanie Ferguson.

The players also talked about what Swanson has meant to them as a person who has been involved in the softball program for nearly three decades.

“I’ve had to spend four years with him and seeing Swan grow and all of the teammates grow around him. All of his jokes just make us laugh. He’s a good guy and we’re so happy we can do this for him right now,” McGinn said.

“I’ve known him probably since I was in third or fifth grade. I came to his camps all the time and just had a blast at them. He’s helped me write recommendation letters for me to get to places and just with everything so he means a lot to me,” said Ferguson.

Swanson’s unique humor was on full display, saying he hopes his funeral has as great of a turnout as this parade did.

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