Hundreds of Jack Carr of Carr’s Hobby Shop’s Personal Items Sold in Auction

Owner Jack Carr passed away this month after closing his historic shop back in February.

DULUTH, Minn. – For more than 60 years Carr’s Hobby Shop was a staple of Lincoln Park and a go-to place for things like model trains, and hobby supplies.

Owner Jack Carr passed away this month after closing his historic shop back in February.

This past weekend an auction was held for items in Carr’s personal collection.

For many years this personal collection was displayed in Carr’s shop, but not for sale.

The items were auctioned off at Nordic Auction and drew interest from people all over the world.

Carr was an avid collector of antique toys, trains, and items from the shipping industry.

The items were displayed at a preview prior to the second part of the sale at Nordic Auction in Duluth.

“He just saved stuff that nobody else did it’s a real unique opportunity there’s stuff in here that you’ll never ever find again,” said Forrest Evavold, the owner of Nordic Auction.

The online auction drew more than 1000 people from the United States.

Collectors in 14 other countries on five continents also joined the auction.

“Just to be able to have this stuff in Duluth Minnesota this is something you see in New York City or Florida or California so for us to have this here in Duluth Minnesota is a real honor,” said Evavold.

By many accounts, Carr’s Hobby was a staple in the Lincoln Park community.

One collector visited the shop many times and knew Carr.

He even spotted some toys from his childhood at the auction and said there is a lot of sentimental value for collectors.

“I worked on the railroad I worked on the Northern Pacific railroad and we have some of the Northern pacific stuff here and that’s what I’m interested in,” said Richard Eilers, who was bidding on auction items.

Carr passed away just a few months after selling the business and retiring.

Even though his shop had everything a hobby collector could want and some say it was Carr’s vast knowledge that was even more valuable.

“It’s stuff I’ve never sold I’ve never seen I’ve never sold and now I get to sell them and that’s pretty exciting,” said Evavold.

A few hundred items were sold at the auction with Carr’s legacy hopefully living on in the pieces that are now with other collectors.

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