Lakewood Elementary Teachers, Staff Say ‘Thank You’ Before Summer Vibes Sink In

Teachers, Staff Organize Drive-By Parade to Wish Students Well as the School Year Comes to a Close

DULUTH, Minn. – Hundreds of smiling faces drove past Lakewood Elementary School in Duluth Monday.

The teachers and staff recently coming up with an idea to safely see their students and say ‘thank you’ for a great year even though it didn’t get to end as planned.

“I miss my teachers all I can,” said Wyatt, a first-grade student at Lakewood Elementary.

Signs and smiles waved in the wind, helping set the scene outside the Duluth elementary school.

“I don’t miss one thing, I miss everything,” said Wyatt.

The family of lynx learners, driving by to say ‘hello’ as their teachers cheered them on.

“The weirdest part is everything, like why can’t we just go to school and social distance learn in school,” said Wyatt.

Many questions left without answers. But the teachers are doing what they can to go above and beyond to say ‘thank you’ while spreading school spirit.

“It’s very important to the kids, as a sense of the end of the school year everybody gets closure and I don’t think we got closure this year,” said Mrs. Bergman, K-1 teacher at Lakewood Elementary.

Teachers, thanking their little learners for a wonderful year and wishing them well as summer vibes sink in.

“To have this parade, it helps bring the community together, it brings the school together and we get that closure that we need,” said Bergman.

For many, this new routine of distance learning hasn’t been easy.

“It’s been really hard. I’m not going to lie the first couple of days were great, but, I really miss the kids and seeing their interactions and socialness together,” said Bergman.

The precious parade helping make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

“It’s been a blast! I couldn’t have expected anything better than what we’ve gotten today. It’s been fun to see their faces, the smiles, all the signs they made for us. It couldn’t have gone any better,” said Bergman.

Books, bubbles, candy, and playdough helped personalize the Lakewood parade.

“I miss them a lot and I hope they have a great summer,” said Kiera, a fourth-grade student at Lakewood Elementary.

The Lakewood Lynx, sticking together no matter what the world throws their way.

“Lakewood has such a tightknit community, we’re out there and everybody kind of forgets about us. We have this great tightknit family and it’s great to see everybody,” said Bergman.

Smiles from students, reminding everyone we will get through this together.

“I’m excited that school is over, but it’s not that exciting I can’t play with my friends that much,” said Kiera.

The teachers and staff at Lakewood Elementary are also planning a special parade for the 5th-grade class to honor their graduation before they make the next step to middle school next year.

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