Superior Gyms Increase Cleaning Procedures During Re-Opening

Doc's Gym opened on Friday while Anytime Fitness opened on Monday morning, and both gyms are doing everything they can to keep their members safe and active.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – “Lots of smiling faces today, everyone’s super excited for this,” regional manager of Anytime Fitness Lewie Welch said.

When business owners found out that they could immediately open their businesses last week in Wisconsin, gyms in Superior quickly got to work.

“We just wanted to get it ready and then we had 24 hours and we did a mad dash but we got it done,’ Doc’s Gym owner Mark Bergquist said.

Monday was the first day Anytime Fitness opened its doors, while Doc’s Gym opened on Friday.

“It just felt good to be able to know that we could come back here and obviously support a local business and be active again,” Doc’s Gym member Blake Raymond said.

Both gyms have put more cleaning procedures in place while emphasizing social distancing.

“We’ve separated the equipment to promote social distancing so everything is spaced apart. We’ve turned off all of our ceiling fans and anyone of the fans to keep air from circulating for people. We’ve put out extra sanitizers, extra spray bottles,” manager of Anytime Fitness Superior Cami Carlberg said.

“We have an online scheduling system so members can actually go online, set up a time that they want to workout. if they want to workout throughout the day, they can see how many people have signed up for different times and pick the quieter time if that works for them,” Welch added.

“We’ve spaced out some of the machines. We furnished towels and disinfectants and everything else so when they’re done using it they will clean their own equipment,” Bergquist said.

The cleanliness makes members feel safe to get back in the gym.

“I feel like everyone comes here with the same mindset like no one wants to get sick and just keeping everyone healthy so everyone’s wiping down all of their stuff,” Raymond said.

With gyms being open again, members have the chance to get physically active, which helps with their mental health during these tougher times.

“To not be able to take care of yourself physically as well as mentally for two months is hard,” Welch said.

“One of the best things you can do mentally is working out because it jacks up your good feeling neurotransmitters and then you can just phase a lot more of the stressors of the day,” Bergquist added.

As so much is still uncertain, these gyms will continue to clean so their members feel safe to come in.

“Four days ago we weren’t even supposed to be open today so we’re just waiting to see how things go, how the week goes and we’re constantly adapting and changing things,” Welch said.

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