A New Voucher Program Is Helping To Give Restaurants A Financial Boost

Vouchers can be used at any of the 40 participating restaurants. They expire on August 31st.

DULUTH, Minn. – Restaurants in the Northland are still feeling financial setbacks from the Coronavirus Pandemic.

That’s why a new voucher program has now launched to help boost the local economy as businesses are still trying to rebuild operations, while they wait to reopen indoor dining to the public.

Strong Northland is a collaborative effort to help economically restore local businesses in the hospitality industry at a time when assistance is needed most.

Several businesses in the Northland have been hit hard.

But those in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants are struggling just to stay afloat.

The Strong Northland program is a way of stepping in to help bring financial life back to those businesses.

“These restaurants are literally hanging by a thread right now,” said President of the Duluth Local Restaurant Association Tony Bronson. “It is going take programs like this and support from a community like this that’s going to determine their fate.

It works as a voucher system.

For $20 patrons can purchase a voucher to be used at nearly forty participating restaurants in Duluth and Hermantown.

All money raised from those vouchers goes right back to support the restaurants, which are hoping to receive a little financial relief at such a critical time.

“We need help so that we survive so that we can get back to some normalcy in the Duluth area,” said Carol Valentini, owner of Valentini’s Restaurant. “Our hospitality industry is what makes the culture of Duluth what we are. We are unique, we are strong and we need to get back to that.

Community-wide the voucher program could give the local economy a strong financial boost.

If the program can generate 100,000 vouchers, this could create a $3.5 million impact to help struggling businesses survive the lasting effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

So far about $25,000 has already been raised from voucher purchases.

A full list of participating restaurants and a link to purchase vouchers can be found here.

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