Gary-New Duluth Fire Station Celebrates 92 Years

Fire Station 10 opened in 1928

DULUTH, Minn. – The fire station in Gary-New Duluth turned 92 years old on May 19.

Fire Station 10 was built in 1928. It used to be a police station, community center, and fire hall.

Firefighters tell us they can still see some features from the old days like holding cells and a shooting range for police officers.

Even though the fire station is old, we’re told it has been modified and updated over the years for the station’s modern day needs.

“A lot of things don’t change, but certain things do change,” explained Captain Edward Schumacher. “We went from horse-drawn engines and steamers to the modern vehicles now, but we have placards on the wall of every engine that was put into service here.”

Now, three firefighters work at the Gary-New Duluth station at a time in three different shifts.

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