Miller Hill Mall Businesses React to Reopening

The Miller Hill Mall opened back up on Monday after being shut down for over two months. 

DULUTH, Minn.-The Miller Hill Mall opened back up on Monday after being shut down for over two months.

“It was kind of sporadic. I think a lot of people were kind of seeing what’s open, who’s here and what’s going on,” Apricot Lane Duluth Owner, Wendy Meyers says.

For local businesses like Apricot Lane Duluth, it was a breath of fresh air.

“It was nice to be here – be back in here and to be with customers, be with employees. Actually talk to people other than myself or my dogs. Kinda felt normal again,” Meyers says.

But Meyers says, she had to rearrange some of the merchandise in her boutique to ensure all customers stay six feet apart.

“We kinda reconfigured our store a little bit – pulled some fixtures and tables off to give people that safe space,” Meyers says.

They aren’t the only local business in the mall dealing with the new norms.

Northland Outdoor is now open too. The store is so new it doesn’t even have a sign outside yet.

“This is our first permanent location. So we’ve signed a three-year lease here. So we’re hoping to be here for a long time,” Northland Outdoor Owner, Elvie Martin says.

The furniture store originated in Hayward, and after being inside the mall seasonally, the owners were supposed to have their opening day back in April.

“We haven’t ever had a store here over the summer. So it’s going to be interesting to see if our customers stop by, but I think they will,” Martin says.

One thing the open stores have in common is trying to bring some normality back to peoples lives.

“We are all kind of looking back to a little bit of normal life like we had before. It’ll take some time. I think people want to get out and do things and they want to do them safely and that’s what we are all about,” Martin says.

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