Families Enjoy Summer-like Temps at Solon Springs Beach

Many families came from Superior to enjoy 80 degree temperatures at Lucius Woods County Park

SOLON SPRINGS, Wis. – Solon Springs hit 81 degrees Wednesday. Those summer-like conditions brought a lot of families 30 miles south from Superior, where it stayed 20 degrees cooler.

“We’re just chasing the warm weather,” said beach-goer Nikole Honness.

It looked and felt more like mid-July than mid-May on the beach at Lucius Woods County Park.

“It was 57 when we left Superior, and it’s 82 here,” explained Ryan Conlan. “So, short drive, a little warmth and sunshine, and get the kids out playing a little bit.”

It was a scene many Northlanders have been waiting months for during the COVID-19 shutdown.

“We’ve been inside for so long,” said Ariel Stensrud.

“We’ve been cooped up in the house so long, so long,” added her friend Shayleena Johnson. “The beach is open now so we can come out and swim and be ourselves.”

Some new faces had never even seen these conditions before.

“This is her first summer, so she’s experiencing warm weather for the first time, and water, and parks,” explained Honness while holding her baby girl.

The sunshine gave families a chance to throw the football around, and take a dip in the still-not-very-warm Lake St. Croix.

“It’s actually pretty cold, but I guess if you stood out there you’d get used to it,” said Johnson.

The pandemic isn’t over, but beach-goers tell us they’re not too worried as long as everybody does their part to stay safe.

“Just sanitizing before and after and just keeping your distance from people, but if you can get outside, then go outside,” said Honness.

“We like to get out, get them moving around. We’re still avoiding the playground and stuff just to be safe,” added Conlan.

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