Remember Food Safety as Summer Barbeques Begin

St. Luke's Clinical Dietitian Dr. Brenda Schwerdt Reminds of Food Safety, Healthy Eating During Summer Months

DULUTH, Minn. – As Memorial Day weekend approaches, dietitians at St. Luke’s want to remind everyone to practice food safety precautions.

Experts recommend limiting your consumption of meats and mixing in a large number of fruits and vegetables during your backyard barbeques.

St. Luke’s Clinical Dietitian Dr. Brenda Schwerdt suggests grilling peaches and pineapple as well as vegetables like peppers, onions, and zucchini.

Schwerdt also says it’s a good idea to purchase a simple kitchen thermometer to make sure meats are cooked thoroughly.

You’ll also want to avoid the so-called “danger zone.”

The danger zone is anywhere from 40 – 140 degrees. We want cold foods to be colder than 40 degrees, so make sure they are on ice or in a closed cooler, and those warm food, keeping them above 140 degrees,” said Schwerdt.

It’s important to practice good hand washing before and after meal preparation, especially when handling raw meats.

Food Safety


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