Gondik Law Speedway Ensuring Public Safety at Races

Douglas County Health Officials said they strongly recommended the speedway postpone the event but the speedway made sure to have multiple safety measures in place.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The Gondik Law Speedway in Superior drew big crowds at the Minnesota Modified Nationals this weekend. But on Friday, Douglas County Health officials say they strongly recommended the speedway postpone the event. They also encourage people planning to attend the races to avoid large gatherings until they learn how the reopening may impact the community.

The Gondik Law Speedway said they made sure the county knew their safety plans of having plexiglass up at concessions, checking people’s temperature and encouraging social distancing to ensure everyone who came felt safe.

“I talked to people that called me out of question today and I asked them were you there yesterday and i said how did you feel? I want to know if we’re doing the right thing and making sure I don’t just insinuate that or just look and say I think we are. One after another said nope, you did a great job, this is what you guys did, you guys did this so I feel people were safe,” Gondik Law Speedway promoter Joe Stariha said.

The Gondik Law Speedway will continue its racing schedule next weekend and will continue these safety measures until they are told otherwise.

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