Gardeners Prepping this Year’s Crops at Arrowhead Community Garden

One gardener was busy planting beets, carrots, and parsnips on Saturday.

DULUTH, Minn. – Eager gardeners were busy on Saturday getting their gardens ready at Arrowhead Community Garden.

Sandy Popham, who has gardened off and on for many years, was busy planting her crops for the year.

This year she is planting beets, carrots, parsnips, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, and sunflowers.

With any garden comes a lot of work and Popham says she hopes to spend about eight to ten hours a week in her garden this year.

“It’s good to be outside I think it’s good to know where your food comes from it’s fun to grow it yourself I probably have spent a lot more money on gardening than I have gotten in food but I get a lot of benefit from it I think it’s good for your soul,” said Popham.

She also expects to harvest many of her vegetables in August and September.

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