Proctor Family Keeps Racing Tradition Alive

Racing goes way back for the Lillo family. Milo Lillo was well-known in the Northland racing community, and now five members of the family currently race.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Sports often brings people together and sometimes, sports help make family bonds stronger. For one family in Proctor, racing is in their blood.

“It’s a good family sport. It brings all of our family together at least twice a weekend so it’s a good thing for all of us,” Aaron Lillo said.

Racing goes way back for the Lillo family. Aaron’s great uncle Milo Lillo was well-known in the Northland racing community and was inducted into the Hibbing Raceway Hall of Fame.

“He was one of the guys to beat around here. He was one of the best around in the 1960’s and then a couple of my grandfathers did it and then it was just kind of passed down,” Aaron said.

That tradition has been carried throughout the family and has made its way to the current generation.

“My father Terry, my brother Chris, my nephew Luke, me and now my son Eric,” Aaron said.

Eric’s first day on the track was last week as he took part in the Minnesota Modified Nationals at the Gondik Law Speedway in Superior.

“Everybody in my family races so I had to keep up the tradition and it’s really fun,” Eric said.

“He seems pretty smart with driving abilities and he kind of surprised a lot of people out there it seemed like and did pretty good,” Aaron added.

Eric got his car last year but has been waiting for as long as he can remember to get out on the track.

“We were just building it since winter. I’ve wanted to race since I knew racing. We’d come here most of the time and I’d watch racing and imagine what it would be like,” Eric said.

Racing brings the Lillo family together in good ways but also brings out the competitive nature in all of them.

“I just like to have fun, so does everyone else,” Eric said.

“It does make it more exciting when I see any of them come up beside me, I definitely want to give it a little bit more and make sure they stay a little bit behind me but sometimes there’s nothing I can do,” Aaron added.

As the new generation hits the track, the Lillos hope the legacy will continue for years to come.

“I just hope that he has fun with it and sticks with it and carries it on and hopefully he can someday do the same thing with his son or daughter,” Aaron said.

“It’s pretty cool to keep the tradition and I want to keep the tradition going,” Eric added.

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