Fallen Honored at Cemeteries Around Northland


SUPERIOR, Wis.– As everyone remembers those who are not with us today, people went out to cemeteries all over the Northland to pay their respects.

Even though this Memorial Day is unlike any seen in recent years, that didn’t stop Northlanders from paying their respects to those who aren’t with us.

“It’s a tradition just like millions of other people do,” said Vietnam Veteran Beryl Bushaw.

Beryl Bushaw is spending his memorial day with his sister visiting the grave of their parents, something the both of them do together every year.

For a veteran like Bushaw, being able to honor the fallen soldiers on Memorial Day means everything to him.

“I left a lot of buddies back in (Vietnam). It’s just a way to honor them,” said Bushaw. “All gave some and some gave all.”

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Bushaw says the tradition of a big cookout with his family won’t be happening this Memorial Day. Instead of a big gathering with his family, Bushaw says he is going to have a small get together with his sister and their friends.

“This year just seems off. This is not normal times and all of us are just trying to get through it the best way we can,” said Bushaw.

Kathline Maciejeski, is spending her memorial day honoring the lives of her parents, grandparents, and sisters. She also left flowers beside their each of their headstones.

She knows it can be a tough time going out to remember those who are not with her but Maciejeski says going there brings her closer to those she’s lost.

“I’d rather come out here and talk to them instead of sitting in the house crying my eyes out and not being able to express (myself) cause this is how I feel connected you know,” said Maciejeski.

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