Litchke Farms Helping Local Farmers Process Meat During Pandemic

SUPERIOR, Wis.– Chris Litchke has been farming for over 30 years.

“I thought, ‘Well if I can make it in the farming game, I can take on any challenge,'” said Litchke.

Litchke spends all hours of his day taking care of his herd and checking the fields. He prides himself on being a small local farmer in Superior Township. Along with taking care of his cattle and crops, Litchke has a meat processing plant on site. That keeps all operations right on his farm.

With the unexpected economic struggles caused by COVID-19, it’s been especially hard for farmers to get by. So Litchke and his family got together to see what they could do to help.

They decided to use their meat processing plant to help out local pig farmers in the Midwest process their meat. With the current situation, some pig farmers are having to euthanize their animals because they can’t find a place to process them and have no room for them on their farms to make way.

Pig farmers are selling their livestock to Litchke at a discounted price. Helping them get some return on their livestock.

“We are just trying to do what we can to see that this product is not wasted and these farmers can at least procure something for their efforts,” said Litchke.

The farm has been loading up their processing operations as much as they can. Litchke will butcher them, charging only processing fees and not marking up the price.

Litchke says farmers need to stick together and help each other out to survive. He knows how hard it can be for family farms to keep going, especially in these uncertain times.

“There is so much truth to that cliche about ‘A farmer’s work is never done.’ because it is oh so true,” said Litchke. “The ultimate challenge far and away”

Litchke Farms does not have any meat for sale at this time and does not expect to have any available until at least fall.

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