Northland Girls Lacrosse Teams Hold Virtual Challenge

The Northern Lakes Girls Lacrosse Challenge features players from Grand Rapids/Greenway, Hermantown/Proctor, Duluth and Brainerd.

DULUTH, Minn. – With no spring sports this season, many teams and athletes are still doing what they can to stay active. They’ll hold their own workouts, do Zoom classes, and now a few local girls lacrosse teams have started the Northern Lakes Girls Lacrosse Challenge.

The challenge was started by Grand Rapids/Greenway head coach Mark Surface and features the Lightning, Hermantown/Proctor, Duluth and Brainerd players.

Each week during the month of May, they’ll participate in a different challenge and tally up the results.

“One week was burpees, this past week was distance running, walking. We also did biking and we just count up our miles and then they send them in,” Duluth senior Elle Hughes said.

While large group practices are currently not allowed, the challenge allows the teams to talk to each other more, keep each other motivated and accountable, and gives them a bit of competition with their normal rivals.

“Well obviously it’s not the same as being on the field, especially for us seniors. It’s still been really cool to have a group chat with all of the girls and talk to them and plan stuff,” Duluth senior Sarah Spencer said.

“Following all of the MSHSL guidelines and the social distancing, it’s been fun to be able to still get that competition with our crosstown rivals and Grand Rapids and it’s been interesting to watch them compete and see who’s been participating in it,” Duluth head coach Marissa Guillou added.

This is the last week of the Northern Lakes Girls Lacrosse Challenge, and the winner will get bragging rights.

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