Rooftop Worship Service Held by Cloquet Church

Next week, the service will move back indoors after Governor Walz's announcement in which places of worship can resume at 25 percent capacity.

CLOQUET, Minn. – Drive-in events have become all the rage during the COVID-19 pandemic and at Journey Christian Church they have raised the bar by holding their service from the roof.

Cars lined the church’s parking lot to hear the word of the Lord.

The pastors and band stood on the rooftop for the entire congregation to see from their cars.

The service was then broadcast over the radio.

‘When we looked at our parking lot and I kind of looked up and I thought that’s the perfect spot nice and flat we have a nice little peak by the parking lot it just made perfect sense,” said Fred Goldschmidt, the associate pastor of Journey Christian Church.

The outdoor service even had pre-packaged communion so everyone could partake in it together.

“The building itself isn’t the main thing. It’s the people that make up the church,” said Art Olson, a longtime member of the church.

Next week the service will move back indoors after Governor Walz’s announcement in which places of worship can resume at 25 percent capacity.

“People are going to have to be patient they are going to have to be understanding that’s just the way it has to be. We’ll keep adding services if we have to,” said Goldschmidt.

He also says they will have one full mask service on Sunday as well.

Along with making each service completely hands-free, they will be sanitizing and social distancing per CDC guidelines.

Some members say they are willing to give indoor worship a chance again.

“I don’t think it’s much different than when I’ve gone to Walmart or Menards I think we’ll just continue to keep that 6-foot distancing wear our masks and no handshaking,” said Lorie Jones, a longtime member of Journey Christian Church.
The church also holds online services every week, which will continue for those who want to stay home.
“For us, it doesn’t have to be where we’ve got to be in there we’d be more than willing to let other people to be fed by the pastor and hear the word of God,” said Olson.
No matter what the situation is, members say they are just happy they get to be together.
“They’re really just trying to show us that they care and that we are connected that we are more than just a place we are a family,” said Jones.
Goldschmidt says he hopes to continue doing the popular outdoor rooftop worship during the church’s summer picnics and gatherings.
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