Earth Rider Moving Business Outside for Summer Months

The large swath of grass in between the brewery and taproom will be used for festival grounds.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The past two summers Earth Rider Brewery has used the large swath of grass in between their brewery and taproom for festival grounds.

Now, the land is coming in handy as COVID-19 has prompted brewery management to change its business model.

“We just feel lucky we feel fortunate that we have the means to create a safe way to kind of return to some semblance of going out to hear to live music and have a craft beer,” said Brad Nelson, the director of brands at Earth Rider.

The grass outside the Cedar Lounge Taproom will have a stage for live music.

It will also have a grid with a walkway painted on the ground so everyone can maintain social distancing.

Earth Rider will ask people to put masks on while walking through the grid to minimize potential virus spread.

Once people get to their section of the grid they can take their masks off and enjoy themselves.

“We have decided to leave our indoor space closed to the public for now because that enables us to safely serve both customers out here in the outdoor space as well as to continue to safely serve our takeout customers,” said Nelson.

The brewery will serve beer in compostable cups.

They also already have a lineup of bands to take the stage.

The grounds will be free unless there is a band when they will charge a cover fee to support local artists.

Earth Rider says they are working hard to change things around so everyone can be healthy.

“We really feel like it’s just a part of us doing our civic duty as well, of course, we want to open we want everything to go back to normal but we also want to make sure that everyone feels safe and is safe,” said Nelson.

Employees at Earth Rider also said they have some exciting new beer releases coming soon.

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