Rummage Sale Hosted At The Former Wendy’s On London Road

Another rummage sale is expected next week at the former Cloquet Wendy’s.

DULUTH, Minn- Duluth may have said so long to the former Wendy’s on London Road.

But some folks got a chance to take a piece of the old restaurant home with them.

A rummage sale hosted at the former restaurant was used to sell off items remaining after it closed in September.

Within the first hour of the rummage sale just about everything was sold.

Customers were able to purchase things like tables, chairs, and kitchen equipment.

The seller says the rummage sale attracted the attention of many people interested in buying what was up for sale.

“Most of the people were restaurant people. There was a person who needed an upgrade on his fry equipment. They came in and bought that,” said Lou Campbell. “There were a couple of families who came in very disappointed they couldn’t buy a frosty machine.”

Two frosty machines were originally up for sale for $400 each, but Wendy’s parent company requested they not be sold.

For those looking to grab more items, another rummage sale at the former Wendy’s in Cloquet is expected for next week.

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