Fires and Rioting Continue as Tensions Reignite in Minneapolis

Third Precinct On Fire

A fire has broken out at the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct building as riots continue on Thursday.

Flames can be seen shooting from the corner of the police station along Lake Street while a large crowd surrounds the building as protests once again turned violent on Thursday.

It all comes hours after a night of violence in Minneapolis sparked by the death of George Floyd in police custody.

After protests throughout the day, looters seized on the chaos, breaking into businesses and making off with whatever they could get their hands on. Others set fires that burned an AutoZone location along with a construction project and also left damage to a number of other businesses.

Thursday, it was much of the same. FOX 9 witnessed a group bust into a building and work to ignite a fire along Lake Street near the precinct.

Several cars were also set ablaze by rioters. Businesses that had boarded up their windows, after having glass smashed in the night before, were again targeted by looters who took down the boards once again. Our helicopter also spotted flames shooting from a pawn shop not far from the 3rd Precinct.

There was little in terms of police intervention but officers did return to the roof of the precinct building after moving off during mostly peaceful protests earlier in the day. Some officers also fired off flash bangs and tear gas in efforts to disperse the crowd.

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