Northern Wisconsin Businesses Work to Reopen

MASON, Wis.– The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s recent decision to end Safer At Home restrictions have opened the state back up. And businesses all across Wisconsin are doing what they can to keep operations going.

“We want to make sure when people drive here that we’re able to serve them,” said Todd Bucher, Managing Member of Delta Diner in Mason.

The Delta Diner has been serving the area for the last 16 years. When restrictions were placed in March, the diner shut down completely for the month to figure out how they were going to navigate their way through the pandemic.

“Curbside takeaway wasn’t a big part of our model over the last 16 years,” said Bucher. “So we didn’t just want to knee-jerk reaction into it. We wanted to make sure from a safety and an efficiency standpoint we could put forth a really good service.”

They reopened with curbside last month. But even with restrictions lifted, the diner is being cautious.

They plan to open the diner and add outdoor seating by mid-June. And are developing a feature on their website where customers can reserve a table.

“We can’t have people gathering in a conglomerate space and then with an hour and a half to two hour wait sometimes you can have 50, 60 people waiting for their booth. And that’s just not practical, safe or feasible right now,” said Bucher.

Business has been open all month over at Brule River Canoe Rental with only a small delay to their reopening.

The biggest change for them has been taking more vehicles to sites to keep people apart. At one point they had to get over 20 vehicles to their spot.

Founder Brian Carlson says the Brule River is looking great this year and asking for everyone to be patient as they work through the pandemic.

“People have to be kinda patient with us because it’s a little more complicated,” said Carlson. “It used to be complicated enough to move all these people and stuff and coordinate people in a timely basis.”

Management at Delta Diner said their full menu featuring their Jamaican chicken and pork will be available by early July.

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