City of Duluth Advises Caution at Beaches

DULUTH, Minn.– As summer gets closer, more people are going outside to places like the beaches on Park Point.

Those have been packed the last few days and now the city of Duluth is advising everyone how to stay safe when they go out. City officials say masks aren’t required to be out at the beach but they are saying beachgoers should social distance as best they can and not gather in groups of more than 10 people.

They recommend that people move to less crowded areas of the beach if social distance guidelines can’t be followed.

“If you get to a place where the crowds are simply too tight, where you see a lot of folks closer than that 6 foot distance, pack up your car, go to another, try another beach house. We have a number of them,” said Jim Filby Williams, Director of Property, Parks, and Libraries for the City of Duluth.

The city is also cautioning beachgoers that no lifeguards will be present along the beaches at Park Point.

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