City of Duluth Will Not Maintain Local Softball Fields, Summer Games in Jeopardy

As part of Governor Tim Walz's Stay Safe plan, teams can begin practicing on Monday in groups of ten or less.

DULUTH, Minn. – Last month, the city of Duluth closed all baseball and softball fields until at least July 1st. The announcement has kept local youth teams in limbo about what their summer will be like.

This week, organizers received some clarity as city officials say that due to budget concerns, Wheeler and Wade Fields will not be maintained for the rest of the summer. And while some fields are kept up by volunteers, it won’t be enough for all the teams who were excited to hit the diamond.

“I figured that eventually they would just get the fields ready and we would play hopefully starting in July. I know I’ve had a lot of parents call and ask that they really want their kids to get some normalcy back in their life. But we can only do what we can do,” said Duluth East softball coach Dennis Peterson.

Peterson, who is also president of the Arrowhead Fastpitch Softball League, added that at this point teams will only be able to focus on skill development, instead playing actual games.

“Until the governor comes and says we can do this or we can do that, we’re just sort of stuck with whatever we’re allowed to do. I guess it’s just a good time to really get to connect with your family. Get your dad out there to play catch with you,” Peterson said.

As part of Governor Tim Walz’s Stay Safe plan, teams can begin practicing on Monday in groups of ten or less.

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