One Protester Arrested, Car Set on Fire During Protest on Central Entrance Saturday

Car fire was ruled an arson, no arrest made yet.

DULUTH, Minn.- At times Saturday night, Duluth Police said it became difficult to respond to incidents of concern– even with about 100 officers out when normally around 20 patrol at night– because some protesters got in cars to head up Central Entrance at one point.

A long line of protesters blocked traffic on both sides of the street, eventually stopping at the intersection of Central Entrance and Basswood, right around when Mayor Larson’s curfew took effect.

It was then when one individual was seen jumping on a squad car, shouting profanity at officers, and waiving a glass bottle around. Police quickly put a stop to it, wrestling him to the ground.

After the arrest was made, many of the protesters became angrier at the officers, before dispersing to other neighborhoods in the city.

Meanwhile Police said one vehicle was set on fire at Perrin’s Auto on Central Entrance.

Nobody was injured. Firefighters quickly arrived to put out the flames.

No arrests have been made in this arson.

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