Golf Courses Stay Busy After Re-Opening

DULUTH, Minn. – Lately, you may have noticed a few differences when you’re out on the links.

“I think until there’s a vaccine or immunity, whichever comes first, I think we’re going to keep using these extraordinary measures to our employees and our customers safe,” Pine Hill Golf Course Owner, James Barry says.

Removing rakes from sand traps, and putting foam noodles in each cup are just a few of the many new protocols golf courses are implementing to keep sanitation up to par.

“Just basically trying to keep you in contact with only your equipment,” Grand View Golf Links General Manager, Steve Barschdorf says.

Over at Pine-Hill Golf Course outside Carlton, along with the new cleaning directives the crowds the mix of golfers has been different, too.

“People that have never golfed before are coming out and golfing because it’s something they can get out and do. Some of the seniors ya know, health concerns, still aren’t coming out. But the younger people are coming out,” Barry says.

The combination of Lester Park closing in Duluth, and the cancellation of spring sports is leaving the fairway wide open for new golfers to enjoy the sport.

“I think if there’s one positive we can get out of this whole pandemic situation, people are going to see how fun and how great golf is for a sport you can do the rest of your life.”

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